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Are you looking for educational material for children? Are you a homeschooling parent or are you working in a school? Are you actually interested in active learning and alternative learning approaches like the Montessori method? Our online store precisely provides Montessori toys in line with the infamous pedagogy. Not only the educational products we’re selling aim to develop children’s skills while playing, but they’re also available at affordable price.

The Montessori toys from our online store encourage both play and development. On one hand, we make sure to select items with bright colors and funny shapes to make learning fun. On the other hand, children can use these materials to work on different educational objectives as well as improving different type of skills.

For instance, we’re providing toys that allow them to explore everything related to Sensorial; mainly visual sense, tactile sense, auditory senses and stereognostic sense. We also provide educational toys supporting Language development. These are great for prewriting and pre-reading activities, along with oral language training. Moreover, you can teach children how to count and introduce them to Mathematics thanks to some products from our catalog. Last but not least, few items are aimed for Practical Life exercises. You can find them in the Child Behavior category as well as complete guides to encourages children to take care of themselves and their environment and to behave and learn about good manners.

Absolutely each Montessori toys we’ve selected has further objectives apart from the primarily educational ones, that is to say to make children becoming independent, develop their self-confidence, introduce them to socialization, allow them to manipulate objects and show them that it is okay to make a mistake (i.e: Control of error Montessori principle). This especially is related to personal development for children that is called Personality Development.

Besides, we’ve made sure most of our products descriptions and all our other resources such as guidelines explain how this or that complies with the Montessori pedagogy. That’s the reason why you should read the information in the description box before adding anything in your cart. That way, you’ll know more about what skills can be enhanced and how you can use the item while having fun. In any cases, the items we’re selling stimulate children’s desire to learn.

In order to help you, our catalog is divided in 4 categories: Early Childhood Education, Child Behavior, Personality Development and Learning Disabilities. In each category, you’ll find complete guides, tutorials, videos and educational toys related to particular skills. The Freebies type of material is the most popular in our online shop because you can purchase Montessori and educational travel toys for free, just covering S/H!

To sum it up, all the toys from our online shop allow children to improve and strengthen skills. The goal is definitely to learn while playing. Our Montessori items are mainly aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, but we also plan to add material for older children. However, be advised that they are not suitable for children under 3 years old because the small parts can cause choking hazard.

Montessori material and its importance in Alternative education

The Montessori Method of education is a learning style which main aim is to help children with their development process in a natural and fun way, through the use of specialized materials and environments that are ideal for them to complete a series of natural processes that must occur in the young brain as they grow up. This educational approach has the conception of children being naturally curious and ready for the learning process to occur; which is why the impulse of learning is channeled through the use of special materials, such as wooden toys, Montessori material and supplies.

This educational approach was developed by Maria Montessori; an Italian teacher who first started to work on this method by observing children’s behavior during the different stages of childhood, and carrying out needs analysis in order to be able to identify the needs of young learners of different age ranges. After several years of observations and analyses, she got to the conclusion that children benefit more from task-based activities at early ages, resembling the natural process of learning through practice and experience rather than theory; a common pattern that we can observe in most mammals across the natural world. According to Montessori, we can use educational toys and activities to encourage our children to fulfill different tasks that have beneficial purposes for children, while they have fun as they complete important developmental stages of childhood.

Using the Montessori Method with children has countless benefits. This approach works around the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of the child who is immersed in it. By using wooden toys and specialized Montessori activities, we will be able to see meaningful changes in five key areas that Montessori identified in her observations of children.

According to Montessori, there are five key areas that a child needs to develop correctly at an early age so they have a healthy adolescence and adulthood later in life, not to mention a fruitful and meaningful childhood. The Montessori Method helps to develop crucial traits of an individual such as motor skills, mathematical and verbal skills, as well as personality characteristics such as self-confidence and self-esteem. Only by using the correct Montessori supplies and activities can we help our children develop in a healthier way. In our Montessori shop, you will find countless Montessori toys, supplies, and activities to provide your children with the best learning experience.

Montessori activities and the main Montessori Areas

The main Montessori areas a child needs to deal with and develop in a healthy way are the following:

Practical life: This is a very important area that includes aspect like coordination, concentration, courtesy, self-control, self-awareness, and independence. This area is essential as it will prepare the child for social situations and how to deal with other people. It will also serve as an introduction to living an independent, organized life and taking control of their own problems, as it serves as the introduction to being emotionally independent and not being afraid of challenges that are normal in a lifetime This area is developed through the use of special Montessori activities designed with the purpose of creating a behavioral pattern in the child, which will translate into healthy habits when the brain creates the connections necessary to make it something natural.

Sensorial: This area is responsible for helping the child develop abilities that are associated with the five senses. At an early age, a child needs to learn how to discriminate sizes visually, as well as develop crucial motor skills that are necessary to carry out countless activities on a daily basis. It includes areas like smell (olfactory), taste (gustatory), sound (auditory), sight (visual), Touch (tactile), and Stereognostic (kinaesthetic). Wooden toys such as the Pink Tower or the Geometric Puzzle are ideal to help develop this area. You can find all of these products in our Montessori shop.

Language: In this area, the child will be developing verbal skills associated with the language and the ability to pronounce words correctly. This area is based on phonemic awareness and it serves as the introduction to learning how to read and write. By working hard on this area, children tend to learn how to read and write faster and in a better way that children who do not follow Montessori principles. Educational toys such as the Sandpaper Case Letters are excellent to work within this area.

Mathematics: This area serves as an introduction to mathematical concepts like addition and subtraction, and at earlier stages, it will help the child understand numerals and how these represent quantities in the real world. Some wooden toys such as the Spindle Box and the Math Beads Pyramid will help the child develop this area successfully.

Culture: Here, the child will learn concepts related to the natural world and will be exploring things related to zoology, botany, history, science, and geography. Sets like the Montessori Animal Sensorial Puzzle are excellent to develop this area.

Alternative Learning Approaches & tools: learn through play

In our Montessori shop, you can find the best materials supplies and activities for your child to have fun while they develop the five key areas in the process. A very important aspect of the Montessori Method is that the child must have fun in the process of learning, as it occurs in most animals in the natural world. Playing games is the natural way of learning valuable skills that will be useful in a later stage in life, it is due to this that the Montessori activities need to be presented to the child as a fun task that represents a mild challenge for them, and that it is achievable according to their age range. We must avoid asking the child to complete the task as an obligation to make the teacher or the parents satisfied. Instead, we need to encourage them to play and have fun in an organized way for them to acquire the knowledge properly.

According to Montessori, the whole learning process needs to follow some characteristics so the learning approach really fulfills its purpose of helping develop children while they see it as a fun moment in which they feel free and comfortable. A special place needs to be set for children to have a wide range of movement and feel free to explore. Also, there can be children of different ages completing different Montessori activities and roles, which is highly beneficial for them. We must use specialized Montessori material made of aesthetic components, such as wood rather than plastic. Wooden toys and sets are the best options, all of which you can find in our Montessori shop.  

The whole principle of the Montessori educational approach is based on the concept that humans learn better by completing tasks rather than studying theories at an early age. A Montessori classroom needs to be organized by areas of study and after completing the activities and tasks, the children need to leave the place in order. A very important part of this method is promoting good values in children without making them feel like it is an obligation, but rather the correct way of dealing with other people, things and the world that surround them. 

Why you should buy Montessori toys

There are many advantages and benefits of using the Montessori method to help our children with their natural development process. By using Montessori materials, toys and activities, you will be helping your child develop key stages of their childhood. Also, the Montessori Method encourages cooperative play. That is to say, children will learn valuable social skills and feel comfortable playing with their peers in a healthy environment. Another point in favor of Montessori activities is that children learn self-discipline in a natural way, as well as keeping things in order so we can facilitate the learning experience.

Another important aspect that the Montessori principle deals with is the ability to develop valuable skills related to numerals and language, as well as cultural information that is extremely useful for the child. By using wooden toys such as the Pink Tower or the Rainbow Stacking Blocks, children can improve hand-eye coordination as well as discriminate sizes visually. Other sets and Montessori supplies such as the Cards and Counters, children are introduced to the world of mathematics and numerals. Things like understanding how numbers represent quantities in real life is a concept difficult to understand at an early age.

Buying active learning material is a great idea because you will be using this wonderful educational approach that has many advantages in different areas, such as the following:

  1. Students tend to become naturally eager for knowledge: Children who study under the alternative education principles tend to become naturally curious and are constantly seeking to learn new things. They are good at exploring and do not get easily bored or frustrated by new challenges, It is important to use adequate Montessori material according to the child’s age, so the challenges are realistic and achievable. Our “Early Childhood Education” category will give you more detailed information and even video tutorials about it.

  2. Children will enjoy being part of a close and supportive community: When we set Montessori activities correctly, we promote good relations and cooperation between children. Even though each learning process is individual, being a part of a community is an important experience that children need to have at early ages so they can develop social skills correctly. 

  3. Each child is evaluated and supported individually: Active learning states that every child learns in different ways, this is why we have to assess children individually according to their weaknesses and strengths. It is important that we provide children with Montessori toys according to their needs and talents so they can exploit their potential to its fullest. You can also apply it to children with “Learning Disabilities” and read our articles in which we deal with learning differences whether it is ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, autism, dyscalculia, motor skills disorders or dyslexia.

  4. With Alternative education, children develop different characteristics like coordination, concentration, self-control, tolerance, and how to deal with problems: When we introduce our children to the Montessori world, we start creating behavioral patterns that will translate into healthy habits, physically and emotionally speaking. With the use of different Montessori activities and strategies, we will help children deal with negative emotions such as frustration and anger, and channel them into something positive. Read more information in our dedicated category named “Child Behavior”.

  5. Montessori children have a healthy understanding of freedom within limits: When a child gets accustomed to playing with educational toys and doing Montessori activities, they understand how to enjoy freedom and creativity, but also that chaos is not beneficial for them, so they tend to avoid it naturally.

  6. Montessori principles encourage children to self-reflect, accept mistakes and correct them: This is a very important part of the Montessori Method; making mistakes and not been able to solve things out is a natural part of life, so children are encouraged to self-reflect on their errors so they can correct them and have a positive experience out of them.

One of the most important and beneficial aspects of introducing your children to the Montessori world is that this method helps your child have a healthy self-perception and self- esteem. By doing Montessori activities and following its principles, children tend to have a tremendous feeling of fulfillment when they are able to solve every challenge or puzzle presented to them. Even playing with wooden toys and being able to use their creativity freely will help them build up their self-esteem, which is proven to be developed at early ages in life. Please check the “Personality Development” section of our website to find guidelines and information about it.

To sum up, following the principles created by Maria Montessori is a great idea if you want to make a difference in your children’s development process. By playing around with Montessori toys and having fun, your child will be creating strong behavioral patterns that will result in the creation of healthy habits, positive emotions, and feelings, the ability to solve problems out more easily, as well as basic abilities in areas like mathematics and geometry.

When the human brain learns these patterns at an early age, they tend to translate into healthy habits in later stages in life. Having a healthy childhood is the best way to avoid having different kinds of problems in adulthood, such as negative feelings, low self-esteem, concentration problems, etc. In our Montessori shop, you can get the best Montessori supplies so you provide your children with the best education possible.   


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