6 Qualities Children Can Develop with the Montessori Method

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6 Qualities Children Can Develop with the Montessori Method

The Montessori teaching method has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether enrolling your child in a specialized Montessori school is a possibility or not, all children can benefit from a Montessori-inspired style of learning and this can also be developed with activities and educational toys outside of school hours. The qualities that your child will develop from learning with the Montessori pedagogy are some of the most sought-after, most useful personality traits that are essential to future success and happiness.

Let’s take a look at six of the most important qualities that your child can develop from a Montessori inspired education and how you can promote these qualities at home, even if your children don’t attend a Montessori school.

#1 Autonomy

Children’s autonomy was of the utmost importance to Maria Montessori, Italian scientist, educator and founder of the Montessori pedagogy. In her original children’s schools, all children, from backgrounds both rich and poor, learnt essential household tasks such as cleaning, getting dressed and washing.

The idea behind this is essentially empowerment. You’re teaching your child to be self-reliant and to discover the joys of achievement and progression. In a Montessori environment even young children are encouraged to do things for themselves. With autonomy comes greater experience, self-confidence and gratification.

In today’s modern world where we’re often too busy rushing to take the time to impart our knowledge to our little ones, then patiently wait for 20 minutes for them to achieve what we could have done in 10 seconds, it’s easy to see why children are in general doing less and less for themselves, which also means taking a lesser role in family life responsibilities.

To help you to reverse this flow, we share a range of practical everyday activities with you on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. The great thing about these educaitonal activities is that a child can learn to do without holding you back when you’re rushing out the door and need to get them ready to go pronto. If you can’t wait for them to zip their coat and tie their shoe laces by themselves, except on the weekend, then check out these great fastening models. 

Your child can practice for real and will still get that same huge feeling of pride and gratification when they manage to do it all by themselves, without you standing over them tapping your feet. Perfect for on-the-go learning, your child will learn how to fasten a variety of clothes fastenings or locking things, whilst greatly improving fine motor skills and hand strength.

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Get the Wooden Lock and Key Learning Set or the Screw activity Boards

In addition to learning how to dress, we also stock a variety of specially adapted practical skill learning models to further tune fine motor skills and to improve your child’s autonomy. Our Wooden Lock and Key Learning Set is extremely popular with children aged three onwards, as is our Screw Activity Boards. Both sets require concentration, fine motor skills and enhance your child’s autonomy and sensorial perception, while their high-quality finish ensures that they are suitable for use by children and are easy to manipulate.

#2 Self-confidence

Self-confidence, another essential quality for success and happiness, is also developed thanks to the Montessori method of teaching.  As children are encouraged to discover for themselves, their self-confidence grows alongside their autonomy. Rather than relying upon being told what to do, or what is the “correct” way to do things, with the Montessori method, children are encouraged to try things out for themselves. Mistakes are inevitable and an essential, invaluable part of the learning process. In learning from their mistakes, children realize that in order to succeed they must first try and not be afraid of doing things wrongly, enabling them to develop faith in their own abilities and judgement.

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By providing your child with a range of educational toys that challenge as well as entertain, you can help to improve their self-confidence and foster a can-do attitude. Sets such as our Mini Geo Rubber Band Board or the Color Resemblance Skittles, provide even young children with an approachable challenge. As their skills of observation, perception and grip improve, so will their confidence and with it their desire to take on more complex challenges.

#3 Positivity

While traditional educational methods tend to focus upon what your child shouldn’t do and conformity, the Montessori teaching method through its freedom of expression and reward for good behavior makes for more positive-thinking children. Montessori-inspired teaching encourages children to develop a desire to learn and when we're busy doing something that interests us, we tend to be much more positive. Allowing children the freedom to focus on what interests them and to develop at their own pace, also brings a positive can-do attitude. Rather than focusing upon the negatives, or being told that their answer is not the right one, Montessori students are encouraged to try, to discover and to learn through play.

Hedgehog Spikes Matching GameIf you want to bring some positivity to your child’s learning, we’ve a huge selection of educational toys that will help your child to develop while bringing a smile to their face. Choose one of our popular brightly colored puzzles like the Animal Puzzle or on eof our maths sets to help your child develop their logic and math skills in an entertaining way that will enable them to learn through trial and error and most importantly fun.

Our Hedgehog Spikes Matching Game is a perfect example of a fun, self-contained “toy” that will entertain your child while improving their math skills. The brightly colored accessories will interest even very young children and as they are fixed, there is no risk of inhalation.
As your child grows, they will learn to associate the numbers with the quantity, moving on further to explore the equations that feature beside each number. Purchasing this item for your child will give them a head start in math and inspire them with much needed positivity essential to succeed. Rather than struggling to get a grip with the basics, they will already have a good idea of how the numbers relate to one another and the confidence and positivity to try out their findings.

#4 An enquiring mind

Inquisitiveness is natural to most small children, however, the Montessori method, thanks to its hands-on, experiment-rich approach will help your child to develop an enquiring mind, a true thirst for knowledge. Essential for further education, an enquiring mind will enable your child to develop new skills and to improvise. Always on the look out for how to understand, improve and alter, your child’s heightened sense of awareness will lead to greater in-depth understanding.

As Montessori teachings encourage children to self-learn as much as possible and to discover for themselves, your child’s natural curiosity will become an integral part of the learning process. And as we all know, when something interests us we learn easier, faster and make more of an effort.

If you’re looking to enhance your child’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge, try using some of our popular Montessori wall stickers and decorations. A special favorite that’s sure to entertain and lead to many thought-provoking questions is the Sandpaper Globes or the Wooden Puzzle Maps. Children love their bright colors and they’re a great choice for stimulating young minds who may have not seen a map before and the questions relating to geography, animals and the planet are virtually limitless.

#5 Ingenuity

The Montessori Method is well known for inspiring children to think outside box. This is an important quality that is valuable throughout life. While we tend to think of successful entrepreneurs and inventors, seeing life differently and coming up with new ideas and approaches can be an invaluable asset to all walks of life. As children are encouraged to self-learn rather than to learn the one “correct” solution to a problem, they can use their creativity to develop solutions. There is often more than one way to solve a specific problem and, of course, many children will begin by not managing to complete the challenge. However, with the Montessori school of teaching, the child is encouraged to embrace what would usually be considered failure and to build upon it to succeed.

If you are looking for a way to help your child to develop their ingenuity, so that they can fully develop their capabilities through self-learning, then take a look at our range of compelling puzzles and games. For instance, color matching activities are great. They can start off easy, but quickly advance, giving your child the chance to flex their grey matter to reach the solution. This kind of Montessori activities are particularly good as you can pack in your bag for use when out or even in the car, keeping your child entertained and exercising their brain, without resorting to leaving them with a screen to keep them from getting bored.

#6 Imagination 

As the Montessori Method uses a lot of creative activities, your child’s imagination is fully nurtured and encouraged to develop. Bright colors, shapes, open-ended play activities, the list is virtually endless, almost all of the activities and materials can be imaginatively used in a wide variety of ways. Developing your child’s imagination and creative side is extremely important and often overlooked by traditional educative methods.

The Montessori Method focuses upon the creative power of the child’s mind. Children need to use their creative side in order to envisage solutions to situations and problems. This also has social importance too, by developing your child’s creative side, you can also help them to imagine how others are feeling, developing a sense of empathy and improving their social skills. Allowing children a free rein to experiment with their own creativity to find solutions to activities, as well as real life scenarios, will also boost their self-confidence and ingenuity.

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Sometimes in today’s modern world, especially with our over reliance on technology, our children’s’ imagination can get overlooked. That’s why we need to provide them with time away from tablets and other electronic devices to play with carefully chosen toys and materials that will stimulate their curiosity and allow their imagination to take flight. 

Some educational toys like The Three Little Pigs Puppets give children the opportunity to express themselves through creativity by telling a unique story. It is entirely up to them how they tell it, which characters they use and in which location. Children really enjoy the chance to create something that is truly of their own making. It can also inspire confidence and greatly improves memory and motor skills, so if your child doesn’t express themselves too well with a crayon or paint yet, playing with classic puppets or finger puppets could not only develop their creativity, but also improve their coordination. This is truly a great, classic creative toy that is only limited by your child’s creativity and is sure to provide a great many hours of fun.

Montessori Method and Children personality development

As we’ve seen, the Montessori Method of education helps to develop numerous important qualities in all of its students. Whether your child attends a Montessori school or not, you can help them to develop all of these qualities at home by providing them with a range of Montessori-inspired activities. Try to focus upon self-learning whenever possible and give your child the room to experiment and grow.

If you are lacking time and have a busy work and home life, it can be a struggle to find the time to research activities and go through them. This is one of the reasons that we have developed our line of Montessori-inspired toys. Ideal for a busy modern lifestyle, you can research your parent and child projects for the weekend and in the week be assured that surrounding your child with our educational, entertaining toys that you are providing them with the perfect stimuli for self-learning that can be followed up when you have the time.

Whether your child enjoys construction sets, puzzles or dolls, broaden their horizons and provide them with some new Montessori-inspired toys to enhance their creative thinking, autonomy and self-confidence. From lock opening sets to weaving to number games, there are plenty of fun options that can give your child a head start whatever their age and ability.


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