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We all know about personal development for adults, but very few people know the version aimed at children. Children’s personal development is commonly called personality development. This concept is perfectly suited for children up to 8 years old and whose objective is to make them aware of their qualities in order to turn them into strengths in everyday life.

How many adults suffer from lack of self-confidence? How many adults are struggling to get out of their comfort zone and approach people? How many still have a reluctance to express their personality? A lot. And although natural, these troubles can be reduced, if not being avoided, if treated from childhood. In fact, the material and articles you will find in this category are intended to develop the self-confidence, independence and socialization of children without them even realizing it.

Through simple and fun activities involving teamwork or principles such as being allowed to make mistakes; children will have the free rein to discover and blossom for themselves and the others in the second place. Personality development allows them to explore their assets within a healthy environment and favorable to their personal development. 

There are multiple benefits to an approach such as personality development which can be seen in the long term. Indeed, a child who has developed his/her inner world and who has worked on self-acceptance approaches teen life and adult life with greater confidence. This solid base will encourage his/her integration at different levels, both professional and personal. Furthermore, this child will have confidence in their potential and will continue to develop it for the better.

In this category, you will find articles orienting you in this direction, starting with writings on personality development as it is introduced in the Montessori method. For instance, you can find advices to improve your home environment and help your child’s personal development at home.

Or maybe you need to go back to basics and read details on the 6 great qualities a child can develop thanks to the Montessori Method? Then you clicked on the right category.

Personality Development Ressources

6 Qualities Children Can Develop with the Montessori Method

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  The Montessori teaching method has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether enrolling your child in a specialized Montessori school is a possibility or not, all children can benefit from a Montessori-inspired style of learning and this can also be developed with activities and educational toys outside of school hours. The qualities that your child will develop from learning with the Montessori pedagogy are some of the most sought-after, most useful personality traits that are essential to future success and happiness. Let’s take a look at six of the most important qualities that your child can develop from a...

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6 Ways to Help Your Child’s Personal Development at Home

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Parents often marvel when they see a Montessori classroom for the first time – the calmness, the order, the intention! They often say that they wish that their home could be this calm - but feel that it’s impossible given the hectic pace and demands of modern life.   However, by understanding the ethos behind some key Montessori principles it is entirely possible to bring some Montessori methods into all aspects of your child’s life.  In this article, we will step out of the classroom and apply some Montessori methods to your home environment. Maybe they will add a splash...

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