Basic Montessori Geometric Puzzle

Basic Montessori Geometric Puzzle

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The Basic Montessori Geometric Puzzle is a material that contains 3 different wooden shapes for the child to fit into the correct space. The material comes with a board in which 3 different geometrical shapes fit perfectly to solve the puzzle.

The first shape is a yellow triangle, followed by a blue circle and a red square. Each wooden shape comes with a knobble for the child to grab it in an easy and comfortable way.

The board itself and the knobbles are a light-brown color to give it a natural aspect of wood.


Material: Wood
Size: 34.5 cm x 14.5 x 1 cm
Age: 3+


Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Basic Montessori Geometric Puzzle is a wonderful item designed for toddlers in order to work on the Sensorial and Language area. These two areas were mentioned by Maria Montessori in her study of children’s cognitive and development process.

Dr. Montessori used to say that the correct development of these areas is essential for the correct development of children, and one of the best ways to ensure that is through tasks that make the children understand concepts through practical and kinesthetic activities.

The Basic Montessori Geometric Puzzle is great to teach the child the principle of geometry and different geometrical figures. Children can learn the difference between a triangle and a circle through practical activities with this puzzle. They will also have to discriminate the different shapes in order to be able to fit each shape into the correct space.

With this educational toy, children will have fun trying to solve the challenge and this way, creating the connections in their brains that will make abstract concepts such as shapes and spatial awareness easier for young learners.

Another advantage of this wooden set is that children will learn what the primary colors are.


Why buy this item: This educational Montessori Geometric Puzzle is a wonderful item that will help parents introduce their children to the world of geometry, shapes, and colors. It is also perfect for teaching the toddler how to solve a puzzle by visually discriminating the different shapes.

As this puzzle is designed for really small children, placing the shapes into the correct spaces can be challenging at first, so the child will also develop the ability to persevere when faced with difficulty.

After successfully completing the puzzle, the child will feel happy and fulfilled, which is essential when completing a task in order to reinforce their self-confidence. According to Montessori, a child needs to enjoy the task and have the feeling of achievement so the experience is positive and memorable, this way absorbing the acquired knowledge in the most effective way possible.

Sale: $37.00

Sale: $37.00
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