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Educational Winding Snake

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Product description: This tridimensional snake shaped puzzle is composed of 26 pieces. On one side of the puzzle it has written Numbers 1 to 26 and on the other side it has the Alphabet going from A to Z. The puzzle goes from head to tail doing a zigzag with each segment color coded differently and having only one letter or number on it in white so the child can easily identify it. The puzzle made of wood makes it a resistant toy and texture attractive. The cute snake figure will surely captivate your child’s attention!

Material: wood

Size: 13cm x19cm x1.5cm (please allow ±1cm difference)

Not suitable for children under 3 (small parts).

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: This wooden toy is so much fun to play with young and older children since it appeals to their senses with its attractive colors and amusing snake shape figure. Because the puzzle is tridimensional it allows to work two aspects at the same time: Numbers on one side and the Alphabet on the other. This educational toy complies with one of Montessori’s material principles which is Control of Error. The child realizes by himself when the puzzle is not put together correctly once he sees on his own that he cannot assemble the snake. Only by this observation can the child correct his work and reach that amazing feeling of satisfaction when he can do it all by himself. He can either deduce how to join each segment of the puzzle by following the sequence of the numbers or the order of each letter in the alphabet. Or he can connect the pieces remembering the color pattern of the snake. Either way, playing with this puzzle also means learning! No doubt this is the kind of educational toy that will last throughout the years and still motivate your child

Why buy this item: The Educational Winding Snake is an amazing toy to play with and learn all at once! It is the perfect puzzle to invite your child to play and simply by doing so he unconsciously absorbs the shapes of numbers and letters. In the long run, as he grows older, he can find different uses for this puzzle such as learning or reinforcing his knowledge of the numbers and letters, too. And he will never stop enjoying the view of a finished snake shape figure completely done!

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