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Fraction Pie Puzzle

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Product description: The Fraction Pie Puzzle consists of a wooden tray that contains 5 sets of circled fractions: one half, one third, one fourth, one sixth and one eighth. Each fraction is colored. The bottom of the tray has a printed image of a whole which has markings around it of each fraction from 1/24 to 23/24 as well as the numeric angles from 15º to 360º degrees.

Material: wood

Size: 22.2cm x 22.2cm / 8,74" x 8,74"

 Not suitable for children under 3 years old (small parts)

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Fraction Pie Puzzle presents different ways it can be used by the child. On the one hand, smaller children can play with the various colored fractions in a sensorial way, putting the fractions together like a puzzle trying to form the correspondent whole or even mixing the single fractions and putting a colorful whole together. They can also create figures with the loose fractions mixing up the colors or simply putting them together to form new patterns! Just by playing about this way the child spontaneously absorbs what a whole is and how it can be evenly fractioned. As he grows older, the child can work with this Montessori material to comprehend what a fraction really is and how they form part a whole. On the other hand, this educational toy also introduces the child into the concept of angles. Even if this is a very abstract aspect, the fact the child can manipulate the fractions makes it easier for him to understand where an angle comes from. That is why the image on the wooden tray is very helpful as well. The child can visually comprehend these two mathematical aspects as he places the separate fractions over the image. Learning about fractions and angles just got easier playing with these pie fractions!

Why buy this item: The Fraction Pie Puzzle is a helpful mathematical aid for children. It is fun to use not only for learning about fractions but also to start introducing the child to more abstract aspects such as angles. As the child grows older he will be able to use this material for school homework or other math activities. This wooden toy is a great visual aid to understand fractions and also to use in a creative way making figures and any pattern the child proposes! Fun to play with friends and exchange figure ideas, too!

Sale: $35.00

Sale: $35.00