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Fraction Skittles

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Product Description: The Fraction Skittles consist of four wooden pins, widest just above the base, which represent one whole and how it can be divided into halves, thirds and fourths. The sides on each division are distinctively defined by matching colors that allow an easier visualization of each fraction. 

Material: wood

Skittle Size: 12cm 

Tray Size: 32.6cm x 8cm 

Not suitable for children under 3 (small parts)

Education and Fun go hand in hand: Working with the skittles makes learning fractions more fun and easy to understand! The wooden soft texture of the pins no doubt will catch the child’s attention instantly and appeal to his innate curiosity for discovery. The Fraction Skittles allow the child a first contact through sensorial exploration of the shapes and figures as well as visual discrimination of the skittles’ sizes. This way he begins his first approach towards the abstraction of fractions. Since this material is color coded (halves are red, thirds are yellow and fourths are blue) it provides the child the ability of control of error by himself. The child has fun comparing the whole with the fraction sections and assembling the halves together in the many ways he can think of. The child can anticipate and match each fraction to the correspondent not only by color but by sizes as well. By using the skittles the child also develops a better comprehension of the division of a whole in equal parts and is surprised by the realization of what he can do with it when he can translate it to real life partitions later on.

Why buy this item: Whether you are a parent, a teacher or someone interested in education and are seeking useful as well as attractive elements to enrich a child’s mathematical mind, this material is a must when it comes to teaching fractions. The simplicity of the Fraction Skittles yet the complex concept it conveys on the whole is what makes the learning process much easier for the child. There are many different ways to use these skittles in numerous activities to either teach, review or reinforce fraction concepts. Use the skittles on one on one presentations, in group activities or extension activities. It is a versatile material that can also be used to complement other Montessori mathematic toys. Find out all this material has to provide by using it with children 3 years old and older. As the child grows up so will his ability to go from a concrete to an abstract mind. The Fraction Skittles will help through this transition.

Price: $59.00
Sale: $45.00 You Save $14 (23.728813559322035%)

Price: $59.00
Sale: $45.00 You Save $14 (23.728813559322035%)
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