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Educational Geometry Train


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Product Description: The Educational Geometry Train is a toy made of wood. The train consists of a locomotive and two wagons that can be pulled by a string. Each unit has four small wheels that allow the toy to slide smoothly. The locomotive has one horizontal axis from which four small circled rings hang. These rings are colored red, green, yellow and light blue. One of them has a ‘cone like’ figure on top of it to represent the locomotive’s chimney. The first wagon has three vertical axes allowing the stacking of the circles and the rectangles only. The second wagon has seven vertical axes allowing the stacking of the triangles and the squares only. There are 4 pieces of each geometric shape which are colored red, green, yellow and light blue. Circles have one hole for stacking, rectangles have two, triangles have three and the squares have four holes.

Material: wood

Size: 8cm x 5cm x 31cm

Not suitable for children under 3 years old (small parts).

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Educational Geometry Train is an appealing first Montessori material that gives the child not only the opportunity to play with a wooden toy train as such but also to begin his journey of discovery of the geometric shapes. Playing with this material lets the child identify the shapes characteristics although he is not aware he is doing so. In time he will be able to associate what he has observed over and over with an abstract mind. This way he effortlessly acquires new knowledge. This educational toy not only allows a first approach towards the geometric shapes but primarily helps the child’s fine motor skills when stacking each shape in the correspondent axis, on the right wagon. The child has fun stacking by color or mixing them up. He can also create fun patterns! And don’t forget the rings that hang from the locomotive’s axis which are so appealing to insert as well! And if this wasn’t enough, the child can slide the train by pulling the string which naturally helps the child develop accurate movements.

Why buy this item: As simple as this toy train may seem it contains Montessori principles that make it useful and helpful at the same time. He is introduced to the geometric shapes world and reviews colors as well. The child plays and learns simultaneously. He develops his fine motor skills while concentrating on stacking.

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