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Knobbed Cylinder Blocks ABCD


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Product Description: The set consists of 4 wooden blocks which contain 5 knobbed cylinders each of varying dimensions: 

  • Block A: The cylinder’s height is the same. The diameter increases from thin to thick.
  • Block B: Starting from the smallest, all cylinders increase in its three dimensions; height, width and diameter. 
  • Block C: The cylinders increase in height while at the same time they decrease in diameter. 
  • Block D: All cylinders have the same diameter but they increase only in height.

Material: wood

Size:15.2cm x 4cm x 3.5cm

Not suitable for children under 3 years old (small parts).

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: This Montessori material forms part of the Sensorial Area which Dr. Montessori emphasized as crucial in a child’s senses development from ages 3 to 6. It is an educational toy that focuses on the child’s visual ability to recognize sizes and place each cylinder in its correct hole. This wooden toy also helps the child work on his fine motor skills as he practices the use of his gripper fingers when he holds the cylinder’s knob. Dr. Montessori explained that as the child practiced grabbing with his thumb, forefinger and ring finger this would help him prepare for future activities such as holding the pencil correctly for writing. The Knobbed Cylinders surely have many indirect purposes for a child’s intellectual and physical development but let’s not forget it also appeals to the child’s spontaneous need to discover as he realizes that each cylinder can only fit in its correct hole and that they all vary in size! The weight of the cylinders is also a point of interest since the cylinders differ according to their size. At the beginning the younger child can play with each block separately while learning to place each cylinder in its hole. As he grows older he can have fun playing with all four blocks at the same time and mixing all the cylinders together. This way it is more challenging to find the correct block and hole!

Why buy this item: The Knobbed Cylinder Blocks can help your child develop even more his visual sense as he recognizes different sizes. The toy allows for many uses as it can be played with one, two, three blocks or all together at the same time, making it more challenging as the cylinders get mixed. The child has fun searching for the right hole that fits the cylinders and discovers the progression that each block unfolds!


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