Large Numbers Wooden Cards

Large Numbers Wooden Cards

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The Large Numbers Wooden Cards is a Montessori traditional material which contains 4 different sets of wooden cards with a number on them.

The smallest set contains 9 cards with the numbers 1 to 9 in a beautiful green color. The second set includes nine more cards with the digits 10 to 90 in a blue color. The third set is composed of 9 more cards with the digits 100 to 900 in a red color and the final set comes with 9 more cards with the digits 1000 to 9000 in a green color.

All the cards are made of light-brown wood and come in a rectangular box with four different compartments.

Material: Wood

Size: 13 cm x 9.8 cm x 2 cm (wooden box),
11.8 cm x 3.3 cm (‘5000’ wooden card)
8.8 cm x 3.3 cm (‘500’ wooden card)
5.8 cm x 3.3 cm (‘50’ wooden card)
2.9 cm x 3.3 cm (‘5’ wooden card)

Age: 6+

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Large Numbers Wooden Cards is a very important and practical Montessori item which allows children to develop the Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics area that Maria Montessori pointed out as essential in a child’s cognitive development process.

By learning how to use this educational material, children will learn how to identify the different numbers and digits and how to express them using the language correctly.

Learning how to differentiate the hundreds from the thousands is somehow complicated for small children, so this set is designed specifically for making this process easier and more fun. Also, children can learn how to construct different digits using the wooden cards by piling them on top of the bigger cards to play with the construction of different numbers and combinations.

As the cards vary in size depending on how big the number is, children can also take this factor into account when discriminating when a number is bigger or smaller, so visual discrimination process is also involved in this set.

As Dr. Maria Montessori said in her study, the best way for children to grasp and learn new information is to make it fun and practical with real-life tasks that are kinesthetic.


Why buy this item: This Montessori wooden set is an essential tool that will help children to develop their mathematical skills and language in an effective and fun way.

The use of the wooden cards will make the learning process memorable for the child, so they can grasp new information faster and more effectively than regular explanations.

The Large Numbers Wooden Set will also help parents to teach math concepts to children in a controlled and easy way, which will help them be prepared for these concepts when they first study them at school.

This amazing educational item is the best way to make children aware of numbers, quantities and math-related language, something that every child should develop at the right age according to Montessori.

Sale: $40.00

Sale: $40.00
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