Montessori Flora Sensorial Puzzle

Montessori Flora Sensorial Puzzle

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The Montessori Flora Sensorial Puzzle is a typical Montessori educational puzzle; you can pick among 3 different models that children will solve while having fun. Each wooden puzzle is a different botanic figure. The purpose for the child is also to enhance vocabulary.

The first puzzle is a tree with eleven pieces that include the roots, branches, trunk, and leaves. The tree is green, dark brown in the roots and a darker brown for the ground.

The second puzzle is a leave in a light and dark green color. It comes with 7 different pieces to be arranged.

The last puzzle is a beautiful red, yellow, and green flower with 7 pieces to be solved.  Each piece comes with handles so that the child won’t have difficulties arranging them together.

Material: Wood
Size: 23.8 cm x 23.8 cm
Age: 3-4 years old


Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Montessori Flora Sensorial Puzzle  is a fantastic material which allows children to develop the Sensorial, Language, and Culture Area that Maria Montessori used to describe as essential in her study of children’s cognitive and development process.

Moreover, this beautiful set of wooden puzzles will help the child discriminate the different pieces visually to see if they fit into the correct place. This way, they will be developing the visual part from the Sensorial Area. As part of this area, they will also be developing hand-eye coordination.

For the language area, the child can learn a range of vocabulary related to botany. The child will also learn words related to the parts of a tree or a flower, such as leaves, roots, branches, pistils, petals, etc.

For the Cultural area, the child will also be learning the classification of different types of plants, something they can use in real life as soon as they leave the classroom or go outside.

It is important that the child is also taught how to preserve these natural living beings, so the parents can raise awareness at this age on how to treat plants when the child comes across them in real-life.

By using this puzzle, children will develop valuable skills in a fun and entertaining way, as well as practical. This is the best way for young infants to learn everyday tasks and knowledge according to Montessori.


Why buy this item: These beautiful puzzles are a very effective and fun way to teach children vocabulary, and how to persevere when faced with difficulty.

The set will also help the child develop patience as the puzzle might be challenging at first, they will find the correct pieces to fit into the correct spaces and will get a great feeling of achievement when they accomplish the task, this way building self-confidence as well.

Sale: $35.00

Sale: $35.00
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