Montessori Metal Insets Set

Montessori Metal Insets Set

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Product description: The Montessori Metal Insets Set consists of 2 wooden blocks which contain 5 metal insets in a pink and blue color with different shapes. The product comes with a wooden tray where the insets fit perfectly and a space to place the paper where kids can draw on. All the pieces fit perfectly, so the idea is that the insets will not move when the child is tracing the lines. It also includes a pencil holder for kids to place their pencils in an organized way and a cabinet with cards that contain different shapes for geometry and mathematics early learning.

Material: Wood, Metal

Size: 72cm x 16.5cm (wooden stand) / 6cm x 23.5cm x 1.5cm (wooden drawing tray) / 15.8cm x 17.5cm x 15cm (white cards cabinet)

Not suitable for children under 3 years old (small parts).

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Montessori Metal Insets Set is a very complete and really productive tool that will help the child develop the Language area, which is one of the 5 key areas Maria Montessori mentions in her educational method. This wonderful tool will also work on the Mathematics area and geometry, making children discriminate amongst different geometrical shapes. 

The Metal Insets Set represents a healthy and fun challenge that will aid the child improve their writing skills, as the main purpose of the set is prepare the child for writing. They will be acquiring knowledge in a natural and fun way that will allow them to replicate the movement of the hand when writing the alphabet.  The geometrical cards that come with the cabinet will tell children the discrimination of form, helping them orient in a world full of shapes. Furthermore, the pencil holder will work on children’s organization and discipline, as the idea is that every pencil has to be put back in the holder after using it.

Why buy this item: The Montessori Metal Insets Set is a wonderful educational tool for children to develop Language, which is a very important area in the cognitive development of the child, according to Montessori. With this product, children will have fun with pencils and colors, but most importantly, they will be developing crucial skills that will make the learning process easier and more complete as the child grows older.

In addition, the cabinet with geometrical cards will provide the child with a natural and essential understanding of geometry and mathematics, which will help them improve their spatial awareness. All of these are quite valuable skills that need to be assessed and encouraged in the child. The Metal Insets Set will provide children with interactive and pedagogic activities that will help them achieve these aims.


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Sale: $268.00