Hand-eye Coordination - Rainbow Color Tablets

Rainbow Color Tablets

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Product Description: The wooden box contains 63 tablets of 9 colors in seven shades of red, blue, yellow, green, pink, orange, brown, purple and grey. The box has 9 compartments where the shaded colors are placed to keep each color separate from the other as well as to maintain an order. It also has a wooden top to keep the box closed.

Material: wood

Box Size: 33cm x 33cm x 4.7cm.

Color Tablet Size:  6.6cm x 3.6cm x 0.9 cm

Not suitable for children under 3 years old (small parts).

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Rainbow Color Tablets is a Montessori material which purpose is to refine the child’s visual discrimination as well as to give him the key to the ‘color world’. This educational toy can be used with children of different ages since it allows different ways to be played with and to challenge their abilities. At first, this toy can help the child reinforce the names of the colors as he recognizes each of them. Slowly, he can be introduced to the concept of ‘shades’, colors going from dark to light. When the child places the tablets vertically in order he can visualize this notion. If he alters the order of the colors, the child becomes his own Control of Error when he sees they are misplaced. Once he discovers the pattern in the shades, he will be able to reproduce them in its 9 colors placing them one beside the other! And that’s not all…once he has used the toy several times and discovered all its uses, the adult can create new games with him! The child can be asked to grade the colors in sequence but from a distance. That is to say, the child places all the tablets mixed on one specific place. He will then have to memorize the order of the shades as he takes one by one from the mixed area to the other area where he will be placing the tablets in sequence. As another idea, the adult can choose one color tablet and give the child so he can find objects of his environment that match accordingly. Older children can be proposed to create a ‘rainbow’ with all 63 tablets… there are many uses this wooden toy has to offer!

Why buy this item: This Montessori material is part of the Sensorial Area that helps develop the child’s senses. In this case, the Rainbow Color Tablets helps the child’s visual discrimination ability. Not only can he discover the notion of ‘shades’ with it but also rediscover the colors that surround him and how one color can vary from darker to lighter.


Sale: $59.00

Sale: $59.00
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