Eye-hand Coordination - Shape Sorting Flower

Shape Sorting Flower

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Product Description: The Shape Sorting Flower is a wooden toy consisting of 5 shaped like ‘petals’ and 1 half circled ‘stigma’ with a happy face drawn on it. At the same time, each petal is differentiated by its own color and also has one geometric shape inserted in its middle: one square, one rectangle, one oval, one triangle and one pentagon. These geometric shapes are tall as the 3 stacked shaped petals. The colored petals go from darker to lighter shades as well. This material has a wooden ‘flower silhouette’ base on which the shapes can rest on, too.   

Material: wood

Size: 16cm x 16cm

Not suitable for children under 3 (small parts), choking hazard.

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Shape Sorting Flower is a Montessori based material which applies the concept of hand-eye coordination as well as the recognition of geometrical shapes. It is useful for color recognition and visual discrimination of darker and lighter colors. As the child uses this toy he enhances his fine motor skills as he concentrates in stacking each shape in its correspondent place. This educational toy can be used as a first approach to sensorial recognition of the geometric figures. The child can also use all the components and build his own creations since all the items of the sorting flower are removable. The child has a blast stacking them in different ways and using his imagination to build incredible forms! This educational material has many uses your child will discover as he plays along with it and invents with it too!

Why buy this item: The Shape Sorting Flower is the perfect gift to give a child that is starting to recognize shapes and enjoys stacking. Sensorial recognition is the first step he takes towards discovering the world that surrounds him. That is why this toy is so interesting and fun to play with. And don’t forget all the possibilities of creation this Montessori material has to offer too. He can stack the shapes and place them on the right spot on the wooden base or simply use the geometrical shapes to create amazing figures! And that is not all! Use it to introduce color naming to your child or with older children to discover how one same color can go from darker to lighter and vice versa.

Sale: $46.00

Sale: $46.00